Julia, Elisabeth, Viktoria Engborg - with roots in Sweden, Greece and Norway -  was born in Nacka/Stockholm, June 12, 2001.  
Her interest in singing and dancing started when she was only four years old.

The journey of music started when she was a young teenager. 
Since then she has studied with various songcoaches and has performed a number of music courses. In the winter of 2016 she also went to music school at Siobhan's Music School in Phuket, Thailand.
She participated in Innovative Music Management training and Artist Innovative Academy and was trained at
We R Singers /  Susanne Bertlin Agencys Music School in Stockholm.

Right now she is working on writing new songs to different artists, she is the vocalist on different songs, working with DJ's from all over the world, she writes songs to herself and she's planning for new realeses.
Julia Viktoria was nominated and won the category "Newcomer of the Year" in Local Heroes Galan 2017 - a big music competition.
In April 2017 she was chosen as one of the finalists in P4 Nästa Gävleborg - one of Sweden's biggest music contests on the radio - with her song Colors.

She released a number of songs which joined Spotify's New Music Friday in Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Denmark.

In 2019 a collaboration with Catapult Music Group Management and Catapult Music Group Publishing Company in Sweden and GL Music Entertainment Music Company in Denmark was started.

The same year Julia Viktoria collaborated with the American DJ Landis wich resulted in the song, 3am -Landis feat. Julia Viktoria, released in Nov-19