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13/5 The song Paralyzed is nominated for The hitsong of the Spring,  in the magazine Mitt Gävle

4/5  Julia Viktoria sings at the festival Gefle Gas/ Indie Sweden Music Festival in the summer

30/4 The newspaper Gefle Dagblad,  department of Culture and Entertainment,  points ut Paralyzed to be an "Instant Hit"

26/4 Paralyzed is added to Wonky Sensitive hitlist

20/4 Article in

20/4 Article in Moore to be

16/4 Article in Mitt i Nacka

9/3 Issue from Gästriklands Idrottsgala

8/3 Issue from Gästriklands Idrottsgala

19/1 Article in Gefle Dagblad

19/1 Article in

18/1 Live interview Sweden's Radio P4 Gävleborg
               (2 hours into the program)
             (post is available until 18/2-18)

17/1 JPS media is writing an article

11/1 Performs with Livekarusellen in spring 2018


15/10 Main artist at Sober October 2017 in Sandviken Municipality

25/9 Article in QANDA

16/9 Article in Student magazine Piraja

25/8 Colors music video is on the New Music Video list

21/8 Interview and premiere of the music video Colors in Gefle Dagblad

2/6 Interviews in Radio Active, Up and Jump
(the interview will last until 2/7-17)

18/5 Participates in P3 Your Street, throughout the morning program, 2 hours
(the interview remains until 18/6-17)

17/5 Interview in Radio P4 Gävleborg, "Afternoon in P4 Gävleborg", roll out for 1 hour, 11 minutes into the program
(The interview remains until 17/6-17)

11/5 Article in Gefle Dagblad about the new song release

26/4 Article i Svip

21/4 Julia Viktoria's contribution in P4 Next 2017 Gävleborg

21/4 The Final at P4 Next 2017 Gävleborg with the song COLORS

21/4 Article in  Arbetarbladet

21/4 Article in Gefle Daglad newspaper

18/3 Article in Etunanytt

18/3 Interview in Radio Eskilstuna
(The interview remains until 18/4-17)

12/3 Article in Gefle Dagblad

Wins Newcomer of the Year in Local Heroes Galan 2017

Winning image from Local Heroes Galan 2017, Category Newcomer of the Year

In front of Local Heroes Galan 18/2-17

Article about Julia Viktoria in the newspaper Svip

Article in the Chili Magazine about Julia Viktoria, No. 1, 2017, see page 58.

Mittmedia: Nominated for "Newcomer of the Year" in Local Heroes Galan

 Arbetarbladet: Julia Viktoria defeated the bad self-confidence - now she wants to be Sandviken's new star: "I'm very determined by me"

Gefle Dagblad: 15-year-old Sandviken girl Julia Viktoria releases her first single - the dream is to hit internationally
MittMedia: Julia Viktoria, 15, hope to be the next big star from Sandviken

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